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grandmother, 2020-2022

The Project „Grandmother“ is a deeply personal exploration of my grandmother‘s journey through dementia and the impact it had on her home and her loved ones.
As my grandmother‘s memory began to fade, her home became a refuge for her, a space that she could still recognize and feel safe in. I wanted to capture this sense of familiarity and comfort in my images, while also conveying the sadness and loss that accompanied her decline.

Through my photographs, I sought to document the ways in which dementia altered the spaces and objects that were once so familiar to my grandmother. As her memories faded, so too did the meaning and significance of the objects that surrounded her.

Throughout the project, I also included portraits of my grandmother, showing her in various states of awareness and engagement. These images serve as a testament to her resilience and the love that she continued to feel for her family, even as her mind began to slip away.
Ultimately, „Grandmother“ is a tribute to my grandmother‘s life and legacy, a visual representation of the impact that dementia can have on individuals and their loved ones. Through my images, I hope to raise awareness of this devastating disease and to honor those who have been affected by it.

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